• Dedication of a street to his name
  • Raise a monument in memory of a great person and true hero
  • The publishing house Verlagshaus Förster is to continue to function, concentrating exclusively on the production of documentaries and the sale of books by Sir John Noble
  • Screenplay/movie version of the book "Banished and vanished" movie and/or/respectively movies production - Search for adequate/corresponding partners
  • The book "Verbannt und verleugnet" (Banished and Vanished) and the documentary film "The International Gulag" are to be promoted as optional teaching materials for schools and universities
  • Archive:
    Preservation of original documents, cataloguing and preparation of documents as research materials, for example for post-graduate students
  • Provision of historical documents and photos for exhibitions, memorial centers and museums
  • Publications in the media, primarily press and radio
  • Production of a talking book and a documentary film about his life
  • Collaboration with publishing houses at international level - translation of the works published so far into the various languages and sale of the books in those countries
  • Production of a feature film and/or TV serial